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Show Name: 2026 EuroShop
Show time: 22-26 February, 2026
Venue: Dusseldorf Exhibition Center Germany
Exhibition period: Every 3 years
Organizer: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
Show Description:  
EuroShop is one of the world's largest retail exhibitions, held every three years in Düsseldorf, Germany. It brings together retail industry professionals, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers from across the globe, providing them with a platform to showcase the latest retail technologies, solutions and trends. The show covers everything from shop design, decoration and furnishings to retail technology, logistics and payment solutions. Exhibitors showcase a wide range of innovative retail solutions at EuroShop, including smart retail technologies, virtual reality and augmented reality applications, digital payment systems, logistics and supply chain management. In addition, the show offers a variety of seminars and presentations on future trends in retail, consumer behaviour and market insights.

EuroShop attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, providing a platform for extensive business networking and collaboration. Visitors can access information on the latest retail technologies, business models and innovative products, network with industry experts and peers, and make new business contacts. All in all, EuroShop is a key event for the retail industry, driving innovation and growth in the retail sector by showcasing the latest technologies and solutions, providing industry insights and opportunities for business collaboration.

Market Analysis:  

EuroShop, the key exhibition for the global retail industry, reflects the latest trends and market dynamics in the sector. Below is a brief analysis of the EuroShop exhibition market:

Technology-driven retail experience: as technology continues to evolve, digitalisation and intelligence have become important trends in the retail sector. At EuroShop, exhibitors showcased various smart retail technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, virtual reality and augmented reality to enhance customer experience, personalised marketing and operational efficiency.

Unmanned retail and automation: automation technologies are increasingly being used in retail. Solutions such as automated pickup systems, unmanned shops, automated cashiering and logistics robots were showcased at the show. These technologies not only improve the efficiency of retail operations, but also provide consumers with a more convenient and faster shopping experience.

Sustainability and environmental protection: Sustainability and environmental protection became an important topic at EuroShop. Retailers are increasingly concerned about reducing resource waste, environmental protection and social responsibility. Various sustainable solutions were showcased at the show, such as eco-friendly packaging, energy-saving technologies and the application of recyclable materials.

Cross-border co-operation and innovative models: The retail industry is facing a rapidly changing market environment and consumer demands. To meet the challenges, retailers are increasingly focusing on cross-border co-operation and exploring innovative models. euroShop provides a platform to facilitate co-operation and exchanges between suppliers, retailers and technology providers, and promotes the development of innovative solutions.

In summary, the EuroShop exhibition reflects the key trends of technological innovation, digital transformation, sustainability and innovative models in the retail industry. By showcasing the latest solutions and products and networking with professionals, exhibitors provided useful market insights and business opportunities for the development and competition in the retail industry.


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